With an elegant user interface and affordable pricing options, Zendesk Sell is one of the best CRMs for small business on the market. It has tools for tracking sales pipelines, forecasting future sales, scheduling tasks and activities, and more. It also helps companies reallocate hours of work time every week by automating tasks that don’t need human attention, so teams can stay focused on closing more deals. A customer relationship management (CRM) software gathers customer and lead data, then makes it visible to internal teams. The resulting holistic view of customers and leads allows business teams to create personalized buyer journeys. The result is a higher likelihood of closing sales and creating high lifetime-value customers.

You can build a best-in-breed CRM and project management tool using our platform, all at a much lower cost than buying those tools separately. A customer relationship management platform is the perfect solution as it simplifies the process of monitoring and managing relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Additionally, some 40% of sales professionals believe their CRM is “very or extremely effective” in achieving alignment between sales and marketing teams. The free plan includes features like a shared inbox, contact management, live chat, email marketing tools, dashboard reporting, deal tracking, onscreen calling, and more.

CRM Benefits for Startups

A flawed customer relationship management system can cost you valuable time and money, while a good one can save you both. Zoho CRM allows various customization options to make sure that the system works well for your specific business needs – both if you need simple or advanced features. Salesmate is used by teams to prioritize building and maintaining solid client relationships. Reaching more prospects and generating more leads is also possible thanks to this tool.

  • These numbers will also help you forecast future sales and plan your sales activities to maximize results.
  • CRM solutions come with a range of analytics features that provide startups with valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Finally, we curate a comprehensive list based on the previously stated factors, ensuring readers have the necessary tools to make an informed decision.
  • It is natural to believe that you can wait until your business is established with a solid number of customers before you can see tangible rewards from a CRM.
  • Monday.com is a project management solution, but the company takes the same approach regarding user experience in its CRM.
  • CRMs usually house important customer information, such as contact data, customer preferences and purchasing history.

A flexible CRM, monday.com can be customised to fit the needs of any business. It offers a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create custom workflows and track customer interactions across multiple channels. To access monday.com CRM for free (or at a discount), you must be a student or non-profit.

Really Simple Systems CRM

This CRM software also has a video calling feature that supports up to 24 participants. In this article, we’ll cover what CRM software is, and we’ll highlight the fifteen best CRM for startups that you can use today. Lastly, we considered our own expertise from first-hand experience using these CRMs. This category includes factors such as value https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ for price, popularity and ease of use. If a business is working with limited resources and desires an uncomplicated CRM system to maintain its customer relations, choosing a free CRM may be the wisest choice. Schedule a meeting directly from the CRM, and it’ll add it to your calendar and remind you when it’s time to meet with the prospect.

What is CRM for startups

Find the one that aligns most closely with reaching your goals and offers the necessary features to do so. Marketing personalization is crucial to every startup’s success because customers demand personalized shopping experiences. But personalizing marketing strategies to match customer needs isn’t easy. Consolidated data makes it easy to identify trends and predict future behaviors. Forecasting problems and implementing strategies to course-correct can positively impact your sales, employee productivity, and business growth. A CRM is the perfect tool for startups seeking to improve communications with prospects, customers, and even within your organization.

Easy user onboarding

Finally, perform a soft rollout of your chosen CRM to ensure it meets your company’s needs before making a final decision. Pew Research shares that 72% of adults in the US use at least one social media site every day, making social media platforms some of the best performing channels for lead generation. It allows customers to choose where and when they engage with your business, giving them the illusion of control.

What is CRM for startups

No matter how feature-rich your CRM may be, you’ll experience poor adoption if it lacks a clean interface that isn’t easy to use. Other challenges include a complicated UI and an inability to adopt new changes. Moving away from familiar apps and platforms seems like a waste of the time spent learning and building expertise with those technologies.


Startup XYZ will want a tool with workflow automation features to help facilitate its sales activities and that’s it. Sales, marketing, and service teams can use Agile CRM, though we’ll focus exclusively on the CRM solution’s sales-oriented features in this review. Fortunately, the tool has a lot to offer in this way—especially for those running startups, as that’s its target audience.

What is CRM for startups

Your CRM gives you all the capabilities you need to gather interactional data from leads and customers. When CRM data is visible across departments, this data can reveal insights that lend crm for startups easily to better product or service offerings or more in-tuned marketing campaigns going forward. As such, data insights can be looped back into your lead nurturing and sales processes.

Top CRM for Startups Overview

If you’re looking for one of those all-in-one CRMs—the kind where you buy one app for your whole business and that’s it—ClickUp is a strong option. Agile CRM has been around for a decade, quietly building a loyal fanbase, thanks to its surprisingly useful free plan and pro-grade advanced features. There are tons of to-do list items to keep track of, important people to meet with, and valuable deals to close. This CRM software is straightforward to use and can keep track of all your meetings, events, and pending activities. By automating many of your repetitive tasks, BIGContacts can free up more time for selling. Zoho’s free edition is available for up to 3 users, giving you all the essential features and functionalities.

Insightly is easy to use and adopt, incredibly flexible and customizable, integrates easily, and provides quick time-to-value. The platform includes everything you could expect from a CRM, like contact management, reports, team collaboration tools, task management, and an easy-to-follow view of your sales pipelines. You can handle quote, lead, and sales pipeline management, as well as add product catalogs, and store invoices. And we haven’t even mentioned the marketing, sales, and customer support tools yet. Pipedrive is a leading CRM and sales automation system that helps small and mid-size businesses with its robust feature suite.

Does a startup need a CRM?

Insightly can connect to hundreds of the apps you use every day like Accounting systems, ERP systems, HR systems, Helpdesk and IT systems, databases, calendars, and collaboration and chat tools. There are more than 500 different app connectors in AppConnect ready to go today and new ones are added every week. Insightly helps us engage customers, make the most of their time, and generate value. You need platforms to help you, but buying software that you outgrow is a waste of time and bandwidth. Since Streak acts as a Google Chrome extension, you can use the CRM directly from your inbox.